Vehicle type and Pollutant Emission

Vehicle pollution is the introduction of harmful material into the environment by motor vehicles and has become a major source of pollution in many areas.
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Urban Analytics

An Artificial Intelligence (AI) based approach towards efficient City Management

The world is undergoing an unprecedented pace of urbanization, and if present trends continue, the world urban population will rise by about 72% in the next 4 decades. While the reasons for this rapid urban expansion are many, it is primarily driven by two entities with complementary needs: cities, on one end, to attract the best-skilled people and enterprises; and people, on the other end, by their preference to migrate to cities that provide a better quality of life.
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Open Data, Data Science and Benefits For Government Operations

The government, through legitimate processes, collects a substantial amount of data about people, properties, licenses, crimes, public health and a wide variety of other entities. With the onset of IoT and increasing digitalization of government processes, almost everything can be measured, monitored and networked. Such data from different sources can be combined and “mashed up to produce new insights and new businesses.

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