Move over Smart Cities – Is it time for India to launch a Smart Slums Mission?

While the India Smart Cities Mission is a bold, timely and much-needed initiative, there is a deeper crisis brewing for a large section of the population that lives in hundreds of slums across every city in India. To understand this more succinctly, let’s have a look at the below infographic:
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Autonomous City Management with Urban Analytics – Hype or Reality?

Imagine this scenario – It’s a little after 2 pm and there is a major music concert happening later in the evening with large crowds expected to gather at the venue and surrounding downtown areas of the city. As the event draws closer, the city manager is in the city operations control center viewing the action on a large dashboard screen. He observes traffic density growing on the main roads leading into the city center that could cause congestion and traffic snarls.
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Urban Analytics

An Artificial Intelligence (AI) based approach towards efficient City Management

The world is undergoing an unprecedented pace of urbanization, and if present trends continue, the world urban population will rise by about 72% in the next 4 decades. While the reasons for this rapid urban expansion are many, it is primarily driven by two entities with complementary needs: cities, on one end, to attract the best-skilled people and enterprises; and people, on the other end, by their preference to migrate to cities that provide a better quality of life.
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